Scottish Game Sales Flying High

By | Jan 30, 2012

Sales of venison, pheasant and partridge are reported to have soared in Scotland.

What was once thought of as a pricey aristocratic food is now growing in popularity. It seems that Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey and top Scottish restaurants are placing Scottish Game at the top of their menus. Marks & Spencer is reported in The Scotsman as saying its venison sales for the game season were up over 300%. Tesco reports game sales up 10% and Waitrose say they have had a 38% rise in sales of woodpigeon this season.

The rise may be partly attributed to TV chefs using game in their popular food programmes. Oliver has an entire chapter dedicated to ‘wild food’ in his latest book, Jamie’s Great Britain. His recipes include seared venison loin, roasted pheasant, and a twelve hour rabbit bolognese. Scottish celebrity chef Nick Nairn’s devotes entire classes to game cooking methods at his Scottish cook school.

Tom Kitchin, Michelin-starred chef at Edinburgh’s The Kitchin has a seasonal menu celebrating Scottish game which features hare, woodcock, teal, and mallard. Tom is quoted as saying: “It’s very healthy, it’s very lean, and it’s flavoursome as well. If you have a loin of venison you won’t forget it.

Full article in The Scotsman:

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