Scotch Whisky – it’s in the Can

By | Dec 21, 2011

Haggis isn’t the only Scottish export in a tin that is guaranteed to raise eyebrows at a dinner party. According to the Huffington Post, Scotch whisky will soon be sold in a can in the United States.

Putting one of Scotland’s finest export into an aluminium container may seem like a downmarket move but according to experts this could create a boost in sales. Ken Rubenfeld, VP operations for Scottish Spirits Imports, Inc., told The Huffington Post. “”There are many brands on the market and most brands are not created equal. But most brands are served as equals in a glass type of vessel. Having something that’s so creatively different — it peaks the curiosity.”

Each can of Scottish Spirits will contain 12 ounces of 80% proof single grain scotch whisky distilled and matured for three years in oak casks in Scotland and is expected to retail at $5 a can. Packaging a high-end spirit like whisky in can in what might be considered to be a novelty.

Lew Bryson, managing editor of Whisky Advocate is quoted as saying. “It is not going to be affecting the flavor. The problem you run into is who is going to bang out 12 ounces in an evening?”

One problem however could be shelf life. Unlike bottles cans cannot be resealed once they are opened and not everyone will use the eight shots contained in the cans in one sitting! The distribution company intends to paunch a custom can top featuring a closure device later in the year.

The concept of ‘whisky in a can’ may only be a marketing ploy or it could change the way Scotch whisky is distributed and bought. Either way we should see the results of this concept in 2012.

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