A Cheese Opus – Gruth Dhub and the Flowery Crowdie

By | Aug 4, 2011

According to the ‘Left Over Queen’, a renowned food blogger based in Vermont – Food is the cornerstone to all cultures and by learning what traditional foods are in certain areas, you learn a lot about the people and landscape.

As part of a graduate study she wanted to make something quintessentially Scottish and that’s when she contact Taste-of-Scotland.com for information about Gruth Dubh  – the blackened crowdie cheese, usually rolled in peppercorns and oatmeal.

With a medley of European ancestors including a Scottish/German dad who was famous for his “Leftover Soup”, our Left Over Queen set about sourcing recipes and created what she calls her first Cheese Opus: Gruth Dhub and Flowery Crowdie.

While her results might not reflect the more traditional crowdies or Gruth Dhub, we felt they were quite sensational. Not only did our Left Over Queen show real grit and determination in terms of her Scottish Crowdie research, the final result had a unique added dimension in the form of Uncle Roy’s Flowers of Scotland.

At this point I will leave you to discover all on the Left Over Queen’s web site:

It’s a truly original and informative blog written with an energy and style that I would love to see replicated here in amongst the Scottish obline web sites.

Oh, and if you want to find out more about Uncle Roy – here’s the link:

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